What is the difference between colorbond fencing, permasteal or other steal sheet fencing?

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Colorbond is manufactured by BlueScope an Australian Steel manufacturer. It is produced with high-grade and very high-strength steel. Colorbond is engineered and designed to be hardwearing, weatherproof and fire-resistant (especially important for Regional Victorias bushfire-prone areas) After production and treatment one of the classic colourbond colours is then baked on, further preventing damage to the inner steel, and providing that long-lasting finish. The Bluescope Colourbond fencing materials are Tested rigorously in both laboratory and outdoor settings, it is designed to withstand Australia’s unforgiving weather conditions, providing effective resistance against wind, dust, rain, hail and extreme heat and cold, and BlueScope backs their Colorbond steel with a generous warranty.

Other companies produce a similar looking product with steel that is less durable and often not as strong. Genuine Colorbond provides better security and durability than cheaper counterparts and will generally last a lot longer, so while original Colorbond prices may be higher, the investment in quality will usually pay off over time. Inexpensive materials deteriorate faster. They are more prone to denting, rusting, fading and damage. This is why generics are not a good choice.