Will you provide an itemised quote? Are there any hidden charges, extras or fees?

We provide an itemised quote that includes all materials, labour, clean up and rubbish removal, and Finishing’s. Allowing us to perform a site inspection, measure your proposed fence perimeter and meet with you before quoting will always help us provide an accurate quote. When a customers requirements change then the quoted amount will also change – this is completely up to the customer, we will only provide the services and products discussed in our fencing quotation and never add extras unless our customer has requested them, or if we make a recommendation to do something differently then we explain why the change is the best option and let you our customer make the final decision.

Quotes are not invoices, they provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the work that we intend to carry out. Our quotes are provided with a variance of 10-15% depending on the size of the Job, so when we quote a fencing installation at $1000 +/-10% this means we are quoting that the job will cost between $900 and $1100.

Costs can change for a number of reasons but we always speak with you before we start working if there is reasonable difference from the first fencing quote. We are always very happy to explain the reason for any changes – changes to cost in fencing quotes usually occurs because the initial information used to quote the job was not inaccurate (this is why email and phone fencing quotes, without a site inspection are much less reliable), requirements have changed or when we learn something we didn’t know or could not have known prior to starting the work (such as unregulated infrastructure under the ground that was not disclosed or shown on property plans. )

If there are tasks that you would like to do yourself, such as painting or rubbish removal let us know, so we can adjust your quote. Some clients like to keep the extra costs down by securing a skip themselves, or performing extras like rubbish removeable and finishing tasks like painting themselves.