Residential Town Fencing in Ballarat

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Fencing Projects

Our considerable expertise in delivering effective fencing projects in the local Ballarat region means we have an excellent selection of fencing styles, designs, and options for gates too. Ballarat Fences is a creative and innovative bunch of tradies with a great attitude towards service and quality work. We measure and fabricate attractive and highly durable […]

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Maintenance For Your Fencing

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your fence and can help reduce the need for repairs or having to replace a fence. Ask us to perform a regular inspection, we can make lower cost minor repairs and provide you with our recommended DIY fence maintenance tasks. Maintaining a fence can be as simple as […]

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Fencing Repair

Ballarat Fences understand how quality and reliability is incredibly important to our customers and in our community. We are the leading provider of all fencing solutions, so when you choose us, you are choosing Ballarat’s’ fence repair specialist! Repairing fencing posts, rails, mounts or gates can be more economical than replacement. Our repair work can […]

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Chain-link Fencing is practical and Affordable Chain link fencing is also known as cyclone fencing or wire mesh fence. It is comprised of galvanized interlocking wire mesh in the shape of a diamond, that is fixed to steel posts, usually embedded with concrete in the ground. It is one of the most common and affordable […]

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Colourbond is Australia’s Favourite Fence Colourbond fencing is Australia’s most popular fencing for residential and commercial properties. Colourbond fencing is generally more costly to order and install compared to timber and aluminium fencing, but lasts much longer, requires less maintenance and offers the best in security and privacy. Colourbond is reliable Colourbond fences do well […]

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Aluminium fencing

Stylish Aluminium fencing is maintenance free and is very affordable, is amazingly durable lasting decades, has many stylish options, professional installation is usually super fast and offers eco-friendliness for your Ballarat home. Good for the environment If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, aluminium requires very low energy consumption to produce and there […]

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Ballarat Fencing Services 

Its important to understand the little things… We know the Ballarat landscape and help our customers consider options by explaining the advantages and consequences of different solutions. Things like how the ground holds posts, reacts to different blends of cement when installing fence posts, when to use wooden posts and when to use steel posts, how the weather will impact the life of a fence, when protective measures like rust proofing or painting should be redone and what maintenance is required for a particular area or type of fence.
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Building a new house and need a fence? Does your property need a new look or update? Old broken fences that need to be repaired can look unsightly and uninviting, a new fence installation or fencing makeover is just around the corner with the Ballarat Fences Team! We love a challenge and as your local professionals in fencing and gates we will take care of the planning, design, building and all finishing’s.

We come to you, inspect the area and explain all the available options in a way that you can understand.designs, expert knowledge & Top Quality workmanship